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2015-07-02 04:42:50 by JadeTheAssassin

I haven't been up this late in a while. Listening to music and having a bottle of wine. Makes me feel like dancing out my feelings and belting out the lyrics. Haven't felt this..musically and creatively satisfied in a while? 


Makes my heart sing out in glee, for this is what makes me feel like all is ok. I should listen to music more. 


2014-12-26 20:22:28 by JadeTheAssassin

Happy holidays to all.

Man things have.... changed but not really?


what is this internet thing :(

2 weeks old :)

2013-10-23 13:56:16 by JadeTheAssassin

my lovely son with devourerjay is 2 weeks old as of today

what is this sleep people speak of?


2013-02-23 01:03:49 by JadeTheAssassin

I'm pregnant.


Also new art has been posted. weeeeeeeee as well

Ok, I usually wear my NG shirts to work. Occasionally get a comment on them (usually my Sketchbook Tour shirt or my Retarded Animal Babies one--not that I would ever say where the character's from...).

One of my customers who works next door noticed my shirt and went "Newgrounds!?" and then went on to pretty much praise the site.

Made me happy. He didn't know who I was or if he ever browsed General.

Oh well, if he did, HAI!

Been a year

2012-11-06 22:08:13 by JadeTheAssassin

No one currs, lol.
Oh well, sup NG

NG meet

2011-10-01 01:52:25 by JadeTheAssassin

a few of the dr0nks, was epic awesome beerbqfest with my honey.

got wonky on 5 beers.



2011-08-09 20:33:24 by JadeTheAssassin

health isn't doing so well.

but on the other hand, quit my current job, am going back to the big leagues of the coffee world where i know i'll be a lot happier.

get to see my man, and hoping to see some of you folken at denver meet at the end of september.


also lol one of the guys who works at the bank close to where i work (and where i do my banking!!!) asked if i got all my shirts from NG. he hasn't been on here for about 5 years, so i lol'd when he mentioned my Angry Clock shirt.

cool people are cool

Dog Days

2011-07-25 03:56:45 by JadeTheAssassin

I hope they're over soon.

Sick of the slowness at work, just a boring summer without being with the love of my life.

Nothing's really ever new here.

I hope summer's done soon. Everything moves faster on the road to winter, and then it gets into that WANTED lull of feeling good about staying inside and staying warm, while watching the snowflakes flutter down like ashes from the sky.

pervy old women sent me through the body scanner at DIA.

fun times.