Entry #196

:O someone noticed my NG shirt

2012-12-09 20:46:06 by JadeTheAssassin

Ok, I usually wear my NG shirts to work. Occasionally get a comment on them (usually my Sketchbook Tour shirt or my Retarded Animal Babies one--not that I would ever say where the character's from...).

One of my customers who works next door noticed my shirt and went "Newgrounds!?" and then went on to pretty much praise the site.

Made me happy. He didn't know who I was or if he ever browsed General.

Oh well, if he did, HAI!


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2012-12-09 20:55:17

yeah some of my friends in real life are on newgrounds

JadeTheAssassin responds:

no way man


2012-12-09 21:30:42


I joke it wasn't me ;).

JadeTheAssassin responds:

I would wonder how you could be in England and in Canada at the same time!


2012-12-09 22:03:56

Same thing happened to me to!!!
Haaha it gives a warm fuzzy feeling, when people notice and praise it!

JadeTheAssassin responds:


he's actually a p.cool guy


2012-12-09 22:26:45

Similar thing happened to me. Guy I worked with had on a Super Meat Boy shirt that had the NG logo on the back and I geeked out and asked him about it. Turned out he was only into the game on XBLA and didn't really remember this site. Made me happy/sad. :/

JadeTheAssassin responds:

d'oh D:


2012-12-09 22:31:32

I wore my meatboy t-shirt to work and an elderly patient said, " Your breastes are smiling at me!"

JadeTheAssassin responds:

XD and your response was?


2012-12-10 06:02:31

I wear my NG shirt frequently. If I'm lucky i'll get a few people to notice.

By the way how's the penis coming along?

JadeTheAssassin responds:

The penis belongs to my husband now :D

Direct all related penis questions to DevourerJay now


2012-12-10 19:12:04

I don't think I've worn either of mine in public yet. I've worn my Meatboy shirt in front of friends, but they didn't say anything.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

You should.



2012-12-15 05:18:43

Not wearing it in public is less about being an NG'er, and more about not going out in public.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

aww :(


2012-12-15 20:25:06

The same thing happened to me at a Wal-Mart about a year ago. Somehow, it feels pretty awesome when you meet fellow Newgrounders in real life.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

It really is :)


2013-01-11 12:35:35

I had some random kid ask me if the angry faic sticker on my jeep was from NG...
I was like "yup" then he asked my for my username... he had no idea who I was... felt a little sad...

went to beat him 2-0... :D

JadeTheAssassin responds:

kiddo from magic? rofl


2013-01-17 21:27:49

My response was." Oh my! They are happy!" She laughed. I was caught off guard.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

I am so confused rofl


2013-01-17 22:34:32

vancouver bc or vancouver wa?

(Updated ) JadeTheAssassin responds:

bc because don't stalk me


2013-02-03 00:10:29

I didn't know you guys got married! When did you tie the knot and do you plan on giving his little one a new brother or sister soon?!? So exciting, congrats!! :D

JadeTheAssassin responds:

We got married last Valentine's Day. :) And yes we are :D


2013-02-23 00:54:57

You need new post... *farts* cause this one stinks now...