Entry #198

2 weeks old :)

2013-10-23 13:56:16 by JadeTheAssassin

my lovely son with devourerjay is 2 weeks old as of today

what is this sleep people speak of?


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2013-10-23 17:11:39

3 weeks next week

JadeTheAssassin responds:



2013-10-23 21:05:27

Oh wow congrats on the bundle of joy whats his name

JadeTheAssassin responds:

god man


2013-10-24 15:14:44

God Man?


2013-10-29 21:03:14

Mine didn't sleep through the night for the first time until he was 14 months old. He was collicky and jaundicy and cried constantly. But now he is 12 and is a good kid who doesn't ever cause trouble and does well in school. So I will gladly trade horrible baby days for good kid days. (Right now he is thanking me for making him casserole.) My best friend's baby slept through the night from the moment she brought him home from the hospital. JEALOUS.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

He's starting to get better now. Ish.

But poor SevenSeizeson D: but awwwww, sounds like he's a treasure :)

And wtf D: so jealous. I've been having hallucinations that I lose the baby in my blanket D:


2013-11-10 20:04:40

Congrats! Hope he came out healthy :)

I slept in until 2pm today.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

he did. stfu lol


2013-11-15 16:40:35

I thought I would be the one.



2013-11-23 13:48:56

Given how adorable the mother is, I don't think I want to see the baby. My brain would literally melt from the cute overload.

:P :D

JadeTheAssassin responds:

haha aww


2013-11-24 13:44:04

I think I have diabetes now, congrats though! :)

JadeTheAssassin responds:

lol thanks :)


2013-12-05 17:51:05

does that mean you had sex

JadeTheAssassin responds:

the stork


2014-01-04 03:31:40

This is the first I've heard of this!
I'm glad to hear you're having an epic life, LadyAssassin!

JadeTheAssassin responds:

many thank yous, good sir. :)

how is life


2014-02-01 18:13:45

based by when I seen this, he is probabloy a lot older now.

JadeTheAssassin responds:

yup, almost 4 months :)


2014-02-04 20:39:42

4 months??? Does that mean sleep has started to slowly make a come back?

JadeTheAssassin responds:

yes, thank god. its glorious.


2014-02-15 02:45:12

Lol, I've heard this familiar tune before. Many of my friends and family have started their own families over the past few years and they all say something similar.

Average amount of sleep for a newborn: About 16 hours (when they're not crying for eight hours)
Average amount of sleep for a newborn's parents: HAHA yeah, sleep, that's a good one.

Anyway, 'grats on the kid. Good luck! :D

JadeTheAssassin responds:

thankfully he's doing better :) while he sleeps, i can't, so oh well. and thank you :)


2014-04-02 15:05:11

Well, congratulations!


2014-09-28 02:23:18

Hope the sleepless nights have abated. Huh, found this while not seeing my name in the UOTD list: 04/28/14: JadeTheAssassin

JadeTheAssassin responds:

Still not sleeping lots. Accepted this as a new normal.

and wee yeah