Entry #200


2015-07-02 04:42:50 by JadeTheAssassin

I haven't been up this late in a while. Listening to music and having a bottle of wine. Makes me feel like dancing out my feelings and belting out the lyrics. Haven't felt this..musically and creatively satisfied in a while? 


Makes my heart sing out in glee, for this is what makes me feel like all is ok. I should listen to music more. 


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2015-07-02 12:38:03

Good, even if you're not in the mood to create it's really nice to sit back, relax and remember why you love to do the things you do. Sometimes it just takes a small break and couple listens of something I love to appreciate the art form again, as if I were listening music to the first time again

and wine does help too ;)

JadeTheAssassin responds:

:) it does


2015-07-09 17:16:53

What kind of music?

JadeTheAssassin responds:

Pretty much anything from "indie" rock bands to some pop and Doctor Who soundtracks and whatnot.


2015-08-14 01:20:13

get on the mod cam or whatever they were called

JadeTheAssassin responds:

mod cam?? you mean the old web cam slots NG used to have?


2017-01-29 23:41:23

hey stranger

JadeTheAssassin responds:



2017-02-02 20:41:29

how are you? i was in your old/maybe current neck of the woods this year! victoria is such a nice city

JadeTheAssassin responds:

Doing alright :) Did you enjoy Victoria?


2017-02-05 13:13:31

I did, very clean city, we avoided tent city though. It's cool to see mountains everywhere you look, that was awesome. We also went north on the island to this place called cathedral grove where the trees where massive! got some pictures in front of them, we looked like ants

Watching tide go in and out, that was odd and time consuming, and seeing the sea lions and all them just at marinas was cool! so was whale watching, i was such a tourist.

We also stopped over in vancouver for a couple of days, stopped at the aquarium it was cool! and gas town was awesome

JadeTheAssassin responds:

Haha, glad you had a good time. I work in Gastown so it's a neat place. And the aquarium is cool, need to go see it again. Did you see the sloth?


2017-02-13 01:06:26

I don't remember any sloth, unfortunately. That just means I will have to come back!

we ate at catch 122, is that close to where you work? I remember you were at a coffee.